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S.A.M. is a 501(c)3 organization of Engineers working to build self perpetuating sustainability; the exchange of knowledge in ideas, concepts, and technology, to build sustainable solutions to agriculture. To build a better world.

Be part of the solution, join us in building sustainable agriculture in Mexico

current project: Ongoing Treadle Pump Project, San Miguel Huautla

San Miguel Huautla, La Mixteca Alta

project status:

Phase 04

Our project is situated in the larger geographic region of La Mixteca Alta, in San Miguel Huautla, Mexico. San Miguel Huautla is a small community of subsistence farmers that have limited access to electricity and farming equipment. Due to the region’s arid climate, soil erosion, and lack of resources, farmers have a limited and inconsistent food supply. When crops do not yield sufficient food for the family, men, usually, must leave to find transient labor in larger cities and in the United States.

Our current project goal in this region is to promote self-perpetuating sustainability. We are working toward increased agricultural yields and greater agricultural efficiency by holding interactive workshops that develop new, and exchange already known, technologies and concepts in the local communities to improve farming practices and ultimately food production.

who we are

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S.A.M. is a 501(c)3 organization of Engineers currently working to provide sustainable hydrologic agriculture solutions.

These technologies are shared in the form of workshops with key community members, and will allow the community to produce crops year-round, bringing additional income to the region and reducing dependency on income from transient labor allowing families to stay together through the year and encourage younger community members to stay in, and ultimately improve, the region.

    S.A.M.'s Principles

  1. Sustainability
  2. Approach to match country of intervention
  3. Support self-sufficiency of rural communities
  4. Promote gender equality
  5. Engage rural youth
  6. Promote the exchange of knowledge, and knowledge enrichment
  7. Build strong partnership with local organizations and government
  8. Effective logistics of intervention

    Areas of focus

  1. Natural Resources: water, land, wind
  2. Adaption to eroding landscape and mitigation
  3. Improved Agricultural practices and technologies
  4. Development of technical skills

Our Goal

To help improve local agricultural practices, to improve nutrition, raise incomes, and eliminate the need to immigrate for transient labor; allowing for families to stay together through the year.

Our Strategy

To meet our goal, we follow a strategy of Objective, leading to an Outcome, which can then be validated based on Output.

Objective Outcome Output

Each project component then follows our phases of project development


  • Objective 1: To provide access to natural resources while maintaining sustainable practices for continued use of these resources.

  • Objective 2: Provide access for women and men farmers to best practices and technologies that will enable them to produce a larger agricultural output, throughout the year.

  • Objective 3: Build upon prior achievements through partnership with local NGO to gain feedback on development of projects.

  • Objective 4: Engage youth by creating open and safe environment for exchange of ideas for mutual cultural and technical enrichment and improved livelihood prospects.


  • Outcome 1: Improved access to natural resources through shared knowledge of sustainable practices and technologies shared by S.A.M.

  • Outcome 2: Increased agricultural output from knowledge gained in workshops and project interventions.

  • Outcome 3: Higher attendance at workshops with measurable outputs (i.e., improved agricultural output).

  • Outcome 4: Reduce emmigration, especially of youth, from the region.


  • Output 1: Results-based projects expanded to other communities (grants)

  • Output 2: Increased food production, and avenue of income for the region.

  • Outcome 3: Increased food production, and avenue of income for the region.

  • Output 4: Increase opportunies for knowledge based enrichment, learning tools, and availibility.

how we do it

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